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Bumper gift edition featuring stylish, sustainable gift ideas and how to send 'no cards thanks!' . . . . all from the comfort of your computer keyboard : )

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Say goodbye to dry flaky skin this Winter - the only flakes you'll be seeing will be of the snow kind

Sophyto Style Magazine
aimed at consumers who buy based on their personal, social and environmental values, Sophyto Style assembles photographers, medical professionals, designers and writers to deliver a "sophisticated" perspective into the world of eco fashion, beauty, nutrition and popular culture on a bi-monthly basis

Designed For Your Lifestyle
the typical ‘green’ consumer is no longer certain to be a fashion-challenged, granola-crunching wearer of Birkenstocks. Today, the consumer looking to go green is increasingly likely to be an affluent professional woman wearing an eco-friendly and animal-free Stella McCartney suit and satin shoes

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reserved for our Sophyto Style readers who influence the future of our planet through their shopping choices

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