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This is your definitive guide to inner health outer beauty as we all cope with the strains of modern day living. Healthy skin is from a healthy body and merely reflects what we are dealing with internally; fruits and veggies sprayed with pesticides (unless you buy organic), meat laced with synthetic growth hormones (unless you buy organic), town water loaded with chlorine and fluoride, air filled with pollution, petrochemical based cosmetics, minds that are seriously stressed and poor immune health.

Without a healthy body, outer beauty is only temporary. If you are feeling unwell, or looking run down and your skin is breaking out, dry and generally unhealthy, chances are you're suffering from toxic overload and you need to give your body a break. Let us give you new strategies for improving the wellness of your skin through preventative, non-toxic solutions that offer immune fitness for skin health. The modern approach to beauty is to treat the cause not the symptoms, so make your health an integral part of your lifestyle.
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